People involved in selling goods and offering services to the paying public are sales representatives. Sales representatives usually work in retail stores, pharmaceutical companies, communication industries and insurance companies.

Job Responsibilities of Sales Representative

People related to sales representative jobs have an objective to persuade their customers to purchase products and services that are offered by the company. To sell the company's products and services, people with sales representative jobs demonstrate them to the customers. Excellent skills in communication and memorization are important in this type of sales jobs; people with sales representative jobs must answer all the questions of their customers. They have to explain what the products are, how the product works, and why it is beneficial to the customers. People with sales representative jobs are also responsible for helping their customers on product selection. To inform their customers about product safety and storage requirements is also a major responsibility of the people with sales representative jobs.

The job description requires the executive to be well equipped with product knowledge so as to clarify any doubts their customers might raise. The job also requires the sales executive to not only maintain the current sales, but also give it a boost with their efforts. This job holds a great opportunity for those who seek a rewarding career!

Sales Representative Jobs

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